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With a strong presence in Thailand since 2006, 6 branches and access to the best residential properties in the market for investment, reitrement, expatriaiton and holidays, Vauban group offers the opportunity to professionals sharing our ethic to become partner, and earn referral commission.

Access to the attractiveness of Thailand's property market by partnering with a leading company.

  • Experience and Professionalism

    Since 2006, Vauban develops great expertise to increase the standard on the Thailand's property market. Take advantage of our experience and professionnalism and become partner with us. Either you're looking to promote our offers and services, or expand your operation.

  • Coverage with 6 branches

    Vauban is the only real estate company to cover the main real estate destinations in Thailand. With 6 branches in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya and Samui, access instantly to the best of Thailand's real estate.

  • Independent and trustful

    Since 2006, we provide real estate services with independance and ethic. Vauban is an independant real estate group, so at the difference of the franchises, you get continuity of agreement and services in all our branches.

  • Efficient communication tools

    We developed different systems to improve our customer and partner relation management. From CRM, to partner portal to marketing materials... get access to efficient communication tools to develop our partnership.

Become referral agent

Become agent and access to the best of Thailand's real estate. You're looking to diverify your activity and generate additional revenue.

  • Wealth management company

    Looking to offer attractive real estate investment solutions in Thailand. In the purpose of capital appreciation, wealth protection and income generation. We have solutions to offer you!

  • Real estate agent

    Access to the best of Thailand's real estate with a leading professional company. Increase your property portfolio, diversify your offers to promote Thailand real estate market.

  • Lead generation company

    You're specifialist of the lead generation and are able to provide us qualified leads of prospective clients interested to invest, expatriate, retire or spend holidays in Thailand?

  • Investors & Members club

    You're part of an Investors  or Member club and willing to make group investment in Thailand or just introduce our offers to your members.

  • High network individuals

    You're are an individual with a good network and willing to promote our properties and refer clients to us.

Become partner

Become partner with Vauban to develop new projects, expand to a new clientele...

  • Property developers

    You are property developer in Thailand and you have a project that can interest our clients?

  • Landlord

    Landlord, promote your residential properties and land in Thailand with a leading company able to provide you sales, marketing and consulting services.

  • Services provider

    You are a company that provide services and you may be interested to develop partnership in order to offer your serices to our clients.

  • Construction and Design

    Your company is active in the construction and architectural (exterior and interior) design and willing to expand operation.

  • Real estate professionnals

    Your company is active in the real estate industry and you're interested to develop partnership with Vauban.

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