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Investment in Thailand

Thailand has positioned itself as a major destination for real estate investment. This is due to several factors: its steady economic growth, its cornerstone role in ASEAN, a dynamic middle class and the increasing number of expatriates and tourists (29 million in 2015).

This position is reinforced by an attractive taxation, which has been eased in 2013, and a legal framework enabling the access to freehold property to aliens, when buying a condominium.

Investing in Thailand, especially in real estate, allows you to take advantage of both a significant growth potential –given the low prices, the development of the country and its infrastructure projects- and high rental yields (from 5 to 10% per year), which benefit to the growing number of expatriates, tourists and retirees.

Depending on your objectives, that can be:

  • Capital Appreciation
  • Investment diversification
  • Generation of additional income

Solutions exist and it can be interesting to know them. As such, Company Vauban is your contact of choice in Thailand for your real estate need. Due to its strong local presence, a network of 6 real estate agencies in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui and Chiang Mai, Vauban real estate is one of the leading independent real estate agency. Its team of professional advices, support a local and international clientele since 2006.

  • Generate additional income with a rental investment in Thailand:benefit from the real estate market growth and the rental demand by targeting 5 to 10% rental yields depending on the destination and the type of property.
  • Build a legacy with capital appreciation by buying a primary or secondary residence. Take advantage of the country development, the major infrastructure projects, the dynamism of its middle-class and the high standards of living. If you are expat in Asia, bank loan solutions exist and could be an additional leverage for your investment.
  • Diversify your investments in another currency by investing in another growing country with great economic potential, while reducing your tax burden.

Discover some our listings, and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss about your project.

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