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Invest in a Resort Residences in Thailand

Gain on tourism development with integrated management

Hotel residences are residential program providing hotel services. This kind of residence is becoming really popular, especially in touristic area.
In fact, investors can buy a fully owned condominium in a residential complex, run by professionals who will take care of the daily management (booking, conciergerie, reception, cleaning...).
Services' standardization and share of resources lead to management cost reduction, booking rate and rent prices optimization, and better rental return in general.

This type of residences will satisfy different kind of investors:

  • Leisure investment: Enjoy your apartment and high-quality services during holiday, and rent your flat to generate rental return when you don't occupy it.
  • Rental investment: maximize your rental return by giving the management of your apartment to an efficient team of professionals.
  • Residential investment: Enjoy hotel services all year long, popular choice among retirees.

Management professionalization and the arrival of big hotel chains on this field contribute to this concept development.
Management is the main key for property enhancement. Here, investors can enjoy recurrent rental returns and estate appreciation.
Professional management expertise, location relevance, match between the kind of services provided and the targeted customers, all are the factors that need to be taken into account before acquisition.
These factors combined with the Kingdom hospitality, its touristic dynamism, and its amazing quality/price/services ratio make Thailand the ideal place for this new real estate concept.

Here are a selection of Residences with hotel management services in Thailand

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