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Thailand is experiencing a very positive response in the private rental market. Many regular visitors who are familiar with the country find that the facilities offered by the traditional hotels or resorts to be somewhat "cloistered". With the current upswing in development in many areas, Thailand is now acknowledge as a destination offering high rental incomes and advantages to rent properties for short or long term.    

Company Vauban’s local teams provides a comprehensive list of property management services for individuals or companies wishing to rent out their property or seeking for property management services.

We managed carefully each of our co-owners thanks to our skilled employees specialized in the property management market. In Thailand, we are well-known for our flexible approach which all owners can benefit from and which caters to their individual requirements.

1. Property Management & Rental Services

Company Vauban provides reliable and efficient property management

First, define your objectives before purchasing a home. Consider if you wish to rent your property and delimit the rental incomes you expect to collect. In the event of you invest solely in a home; you would not reach the same level of expenses. On the other hand, if you are seeking to rent or sell you property, hope for making high profits.

A. Full Rental Service

You have a staggering amount of things to keep in mind if you are going to use your home as a rental property, whether it will be used as a holiday rental or as a long term tenancy. Take into account that you will welcome stranger in your property.

We ensure good marketing and advertising services including press releases, content production management and updating on internet, inter-agency campaigns… We target both local, national and international customers and markets.

Company Vauban’s full rental service includes the following items:

  • Home inspection
  • Processing of deposit and payments
  • Inventory and damage check
  • Deposit refunds when applicable
  • Rental fee collection
  • Advise on rental home set up
  • Photographs
  • Website exposure
  • Maintenance and repair advice
  • Vetting and selection of clients
  • Check in of guests

Long Term Rentals:

In order to properly care for long-term tenancies, we provide owners a variety of services. The tenant is expected to make payments for the rent and any routine services such as upkeep of the pool, garden maintenance, satellite TV subscriptions and their own utilities. The owner would be expected to pay for pest control, insurance fees, and any management charges.

Holiday rentals:

We provide a wide array of services to our clients, which are typically related to holiday tenancies such as check-in, check-out, maid and linen serviced.

B. Property Management

If you are not interested in renting your property, Company Vauban proposes you a list of property management service, ensuring you the constant maintenance of your home

2. Investment Returns

Potential owners and customers always wonder « What will be their rental incomes? ». Basically, there is no specific answer.

 Indeed, rental incomes may be adversely impacted by the economic context, global and national factors affecting the real estate market, the type of tenancies and rate of occupancy… Other factors may also strongly influence the amount of rental incomes:

  1. Size of the garden
  2. Upkeep of the swimming pool
  3. Insurances
  4. Taxes
  5. Management fees

The average rental return in Thailand is from 5% to 7% depending the destinations.

 In order to properly comprehend the full ramifications of receiving income from rental properties, obtain advices from an independent tax attorney.

3. Tenants

 In Thailand, you may encounter two types of tenants:

  1. Short term tenants: vacationers & travelers preferring short journey (minimum 1 month contract for condominium)
  2. Long term tenants:  Minimum 1 year contract renewable

Long-Term rentals

Long term tenants encompass mainly expatriates who are setup in Thailand. Mostly, they will sign 1 year renewable lease agreement. Long-term rentals are the standard type of contracts for individual property owners in Bangkok.

Short Term (Holiday Rentals)

During the “high season”, period starting from November to April, it is virtually impossible to find any available rental properties in Thailand! Usually, it records the highest occupancy rates of the year due to the following:

  1. Christmas event
  2. New Year event
  3. Chinese New Year
  4. Easter
  5. Thai holiday "Songkran" (Water Festival)

Over the 'high season', the rental rates are much higher because they include added services. As customers target different properties every year, it is difficult to identify the “best sellers”. 

Beware that the low season remains the most suitable period for making improvements, renovations or alterations of your properties.





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