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Vauban Real Estate Chiang Mai
Vauban Real Estate Chiang Mai
Compagnie:   Company Vauban

Téléphone: +66 (0) 520-011-08

Mobile: +66 (0) 91 770 5850

Adresse: B1E5 / B1E6 Pavillion Night Bazaar Chang Klan road, Changklan, Muang district 50110 Chiangmai Thailand, Center, Chiang Mai

Compagnie:  |  Company Vauban

Vauban Real Estate Chiang Mai is ideally located in downtown Chiang Mai, near the Night Bazaar district.

Our advisors are attentive to your needs. We are committed to assist and guide you throughout all
the process. Together, we select properties that fit your criteria. Our multilingual team (French,
English and Thai) based in Chiang Mai will provide you a range of services that goes far beyond a
mere property transaction.

Chiang Mai real estate services:

  • Buy/Sell/Rent condominiums and villas
  • Long term and short term rentals
  • Property investment
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