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Why Investors Prefer to Make Real Estate Investment in Thailand

Why Investors Prefer to Make Real Estate Investment in Thailand

Interested to reside in South East Asia but don’t know which country to choose? You might want to consider making a real estate investment in Thailand. This country prides itself as the second-largest growing economy and the gateway to the Southeast Asian market.

The locals are also extremely welcoming for ex-pats. Its vibrant lifestyle, stunning tourist attractions, white beaches, and affordable living makes it an ideal place to stay. Here are the compelling reasons why you should apply for a residency in Thailand.

Compelling Reasons to Make Real Estate Investment in Thailand

Popular Tourist Spots

Whether you’re a fan of white beaches, temples, mountains, or cityscapes, Thailand is for you. Thailand offers the stunning cities of Bangkok, Chian Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, and other beautiful tropical destinations.

real estate investment in thailand

The first two destinations will give you the bustling yet growing cities you want. If you want a more laid back life, you may opt for the beaches in Pattaya and Phuket.

Thailand has attracted an astounding 35 million tourists every year. The influx of tourists not only boosts the tourism industry; it also grows the real estate industry exponentially. You can find various apartments to luxurious villas available depending on your budget needs.

Massive Transportation and Infrastructure

Due to Thailand's growing population, the government is investing heavily in transportation and infrastructure. The government invested an astounding $45 Billion USD to further develop Eastern Economic Corridor, BTS Skytrain, and MRT Subway.

Affordable Real Estate and Faster Capital Appreciation

Compared to China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Thailand's real estate properties are relatively cheaper. Their affordable rates attract millions of investors worldwide to make real estate investment in Thailand.

They can choose to avail of affordable condominiums and convert them into Airbnb rentals especially in major tourism destinations. You can also avail of luxurious condos, penthouses, and villas if you want to. And since the demand for real estate continues to grow, you can also convert some of your properties into the business.

The seating area of an entrance lobby of a modern condominium building with large windows, natural light, and trees in the background.
Photographer: Random Sky | Source: Unsplash

Invest in Freehold Properties

Foreign ex-pats and residents in Thailand also enjoy 49% of freehold condominium caps. This means you get to receive the same title deed for the properties you bought like a Thai local would.

Not only you get to own properties, but it also serves as your long-term real estate investment in Thailand. Most foreign investors purchase freehold condominiums to take advantage of 100% ownership.

Friendlier Thailand Laws on Foreign Investments and Taxes

Thailand also implements lax laws when it comes to foreign residents and investments. The investors only have to pay 1% of the property's price they bought as transfer fees for new projects. This price already covers the transfer. What's more? It's also easy for foreign residents to sell their Thai properties as there is no foreign capital control in Thailand.

There is no restriction and you don't have to pay for seller stamp duty; unlike in other countries where you have to pay foreign stamp duty, taxes, and extra fees for buying or selling your properties. Thailand’s friendlier laws make it appealing for foreigners to make a real estate investment in Thailand.

Street shops
Photographer: Hanny Naibaho | Source: Unsplash

Friendlier and Welcoming Locals

You’ll never have to be alone and lonely when you move and live in Thailand. Why? It’s because the locals are friendly and welcoming to foreigners and expats. Also the foreign ex-pats communities is growing. You’ll find yourself conversing and mingling in no time.

Biking hundreds of kilometers through the mountains to see sunsets like this was something I’ll never forget.For your next trip to Thailand, skip the beach parties and head up north. Rent a bike and explore all the small villages along the way. Meet the locals who have nothing but smiles or their faces and gorge on all the Khao Soi you can find.Thailand, till we meet again.
Photographer: Bharath Mohan | Source: Unsplash

Rich in Culture and History

Another reason why investors make real estate investment in Thailand is its rich culture, heritage, and tradition. You can find several temples, museums, and other cultural sites in Thailand. You can learn a mixture of Burmese, Thai, and other traditions here. Of course, you can also mingle with foreign community ex-pats in the country.

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