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Rent a property

Rent a property

How to rent a property in Thailand?

We aim to make the renting process much easier for you, thanks to our large selection of properties, and our comprehensive approach of the Thai real estate market.

1- Initial contact

Our agents listen carefully to your needs and define with you your project regarding your criteria and standards:

  1. Your initial budget
  2. The type of property
  3. The location of the property
  4. The duration of the renting
  5. The quality and workmanship of the property
  6. The legal processes involved in renting a property

We keep you informed about the best opportunities of the market and guide you during all the procedure.

2- Organize the Visits

Our team will prepare a selection according to your criteria.

Usually, we will introduce you several properties in a location matching your requirements. In addition, to visit, a fine selection of properties you will learn about the environment, places…

If in the first selection, you didn’t find yet your future home, we will adapt the selection with the new inputs and criteria you may have following the visit to prepare a new selection.

3-Lease agreement

Once you have selected your property, we planned several appointments and accompany you to select the best apartment. Then we draft the lease agreement with the owner.

Here several elements should be specified in the lease agreement such as the following:

  1. Duration of the lease
  2. Start of the lease
  3. Rent
  4. Amount of security deposit (usually 2 months)
  5. Extra services included in the lease (if any)
  6. Inventory
  7. Passport copy of tenants

After agreeing on each term of the contract, seller, buyer and developer meet to sign the lease agreement.

You will be expected to pay:

  1. Security: 2 months/rent
  2. The first month if the rent in advance

4. Subscription and additional services

Subscriptions and services such as TV satellite, Internet…

5- Moving in

The date of the moving in, we welcome you with the owner to make the schedule of features. Then, we deliver you the keys and ensure your good establishment.

Practical information:

Which information to consider before meeting our agents?

  1. The destination/district
  2. The duration of the lease agreement
  3. Your budget
  4. The date of your moving in

Signature of the lease agreement before moving in

For long term rental:

  1. 1 or 2 months before moving depending on how long you will check-in after signing the contract

For short term rental:

  1. Full Payment in advance and pay deposit at the check-in

Commission/ percentage

We provide free services. Furthermore, a commission is paid by the owner and comprised in the rent. So definitely, you beneficiate valuable services at no cost.

What is included in the rent?

The rent usually covers the renting of the property, furniture, common fees. In addition, expect to pay the electricity, water, Internet, Phone… and additional services (depending on the terms of the lease agreement).

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