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Rental Investment Thailand

Rental Investment Thailand

Thailand is considered a top real estate market. It is able to generate an average rental yield of 7% per year according to Global Property Guide which analyzes property markets worldwide.

Thailand real estate rental investment market remains really attractive due to several factors:

  • Low taxation on properties and management fees
  • Pro-landlord real estate market
  • Quality properties with integrated management
  • Increasing demand from Expats, Retirees, and Holidaymakers
  • An economy in developments driven by manufacturing, services and tourism industries
  • Increasing middle class and changing lifestyle

In Thailand, we can classify the property rental market in 3 types:

  •          Long-term rentals which are usually leased contracts from 1 to 3 years.
  •          Short-term rentals which consist of contracts from 1 month to 11 months.
  •          Holidays rentals which consist of a period from 1 week to 1 month

According to the type of contracts and the locations, the rents vary.

So either you’re looking to:

  •          Combine rental yield with capital appreciation
  •          Combine rental investment and personal usage
  •          Capitalize on the tourism growth and increasing length of stay
  •          Capitalize on the economic attractiveness and demand from expats


In addition to the advice you about the real estate and rental market in the main attractiveness destinations, we assist you during the whole transactions process and provide several services for investors:

Our extensive experience of the real estate market in Thailand and our strong presence in Thailand with 6 branches allow us to provide you professional real estate services and be by your side at every step.

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