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Long-Term Rental & Short-Term Rental

Thailand is the number one tourism destination in Southeast Asia and one of the top tourism destinations in the world. The country is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and one can find a wide range of accommodations for both short-term and long-term at very attractive prices.

Since 2006, we serve French, English and Thai speaking clients who wish to rent property in Thailand. From the simple yet well-located Bangkok condominium that will cost you twice less than any decent hotel in the city to the top luxury beachfront villa with pool and service that rivals any piece of real estate on the French Riviera, for just a few months to a whole year, for holidays or business, for families or individuals, we have it!

Company Vauban provides a full management service to tenants for short-term and long-term periods in Bangkok and the main seaside resort areas of Thailand:

Fully Furnished and Equipped Apartments and Villas

Fully Furnished and Equipped Apartments and Villas

Cleaning Services (optional charges can apply)

Cleaning Services (optional charges can apply)

Utilities (Cable TV, internet…)

Utilities (Cable TV, internet…)

While the demand for short-stays in Bangkok is increasing, tourists and corporate clients have no choice but search accommodation in hotels and serviced residences. Company Vauban offers the most cost-efficient alternative by renting privately owned quality apartments and villas for short-term periods ranging from 1 month to a few months at very attractive prices.

Our team is at your service to select for you the properties that will best fit your needs and budget during your stay in Thailand. We are proud to provide you with a professional service and we are known across Thailand to be one that provides the most benefit to their tenants.

Send us your inquiry and let us know what you want. We’ll deliver it to you in no time.

Calculate your Expenditures Prior to Setup Thailand

How much can you afford to spend on rent every month after deduction of all living expenses? Set your budget before starting your property search! For your information, there are three main factors associated with property rental:

  • The start-up costs vary depend directly on the lifestyle you seek
  • The periodical rental payments vary upon the type of home and its location
  • The on-going living expenses vary upon the type of location

You will need to work out how much you can afford to spend in all three cases. Failure to do so could see you miscalculate your total expenditures and exceed your budget. For example, you could end up paying money on the security deposit or advanced rental payment and find yourself unable to pay for the satellite TV, the telephone connection or the common utilities. So be cautious.

Likely start-up costs:

  • Security Deposit (2 months)
  • Rent in advance (1 month rent)
  • Furniture removals
  • Furniture set: living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen appliances and utensils, decoration
  • Connection of services and utilities: electricity, telephone, satellite TV…
  • Linens and towels

Periodical rental payments depend on the type of home, services and location you choose:

  • A villa in a secure compound
  • An apartment in the heart of the city
  • A condominium close to transportation
  • A serviced residence with daily cleaning and linen service
  • A residence with pool and gym
  • A property close to the business district, the entertainment areas, the beach…

On-going living expenses will vary depending on your lifestyle and where you choose to live.  Your budget and lifestyle will determine where you can afford to live; therefore, you should start by taking a look at the average rental values in the areas you like and determine those that are within your budget. Set your priorities when looking for a place:

  • Close to your work
  • Close to public transportation
  • Close to your friends and family
  • Close to shopping malls and supermarkets
  • Close to international hospitals
  • Close to international schools
  • Close to the beach
  • Close to a park
  • Close to sporting facilities
  • Close to restaurants and entertainment areas
  • In a pleasant neighbourhood
  • Away from traffic